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Desmond Bar Dinner

Closed due to Covid till further notice


Crumbed Calamari Rings on Savory Rice €6.50

4 Plate Salade of Potato, Coleslaw, Beetroot and French €6.00

Blackened Cajun Chicken Strips on Melba Toast €6.50

Creamy Seafoof Chowder €6.00

Soup of the Day €5.00



Baked Salmon with a Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze 

Served with Fresh Vegetables and Potato €15.00


Medallions of Irish Fillet Steak with Pink Pepper Sauce

Served with Fries and Salad €26.00


Chow Mein with Chicken or Beef €15.00


King Prawns in a Creamy Garlic and White Wine Sauce €19.00


Sweet and Spicy Chicken with a Hot Sauce on Basmati Rice €15.00


Grilled Sirloin Steak served with Side Salad and French Fries €22.50  


Beef a La Sichuan with Jasmine Rice €17.50

Traditional Mac and Cheese with Side Salad €12.00


Mac and Cheese with Chicken and Ham and Side Salad €13.00


Crumbed Honey and Mustard Based Pork Chops €15.00




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